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Secret Tax Benefits For Incorporations

Is it less taxing to incorporate? Some companies may escape loss and closure, but they can never escape taxes. Many profits making companies run into loss after they calculate their taxes. Humorous but true. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some tax benefits out there for them. Though there are benefits for all business entities, but […]

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Why should you buy Life Insurance

September is the month for “Life Insurance.” So, there can’t be a better time for something on life insurance! Life insurance means different things to different people. Usually, it is a protection cover for the next of kin of the insured in the events of critical illness of the insured or his demise. It is […]

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What to Expect from Your Tax Consultant

You get the best from your “Tax Consultant” when you know exactly what to expect from one of them. This awareness not only improves your ROI on a consultant but also it improves your relationship with him. He is always a busy man. The amount you invest in him buys you a slot of time, […]

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